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Neue Literatur bis einschließlich Dezember 2013, Teil 4

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T cells and Transplantation: Drug-resistant immune cells protect patients from graft-versus-host disease after bone marrow transplant. T3

Bile Compound Prevents Diabetes in Mice: A chemical prevalent in the bear gallbladder abates a cellular stress response and stalls the progression of type 1 diabetes in rodents. T3

Matarese G et al. (2013): Hunger-promoting hypothalamic neurons modulate effector and regulatory T-cell responses (Open Access) T3
Dazu auch Neurons Govern Immunity: Hunger-associated molecules in the hypothalamus suppress inflammation.

Yu X et al. (2013): TH17 Cell Differentiation Is Regulated by the Circadian Clock (Abstract; PDF aber an anderer Stelle erhältlich) T3, T4
Dazu auch Time for T cells: Circadian rhythms control the development of inflammatory T cells, while jet lag sends their production into overdrive.

Scher JU et al. (29139: Expansion of intestinal Prevotella copri correlates with enhanced susceptibility to arthritis (Open Access) T4
Dazu auch Gut Microbes May Impact Autoimmunity: Researchers show that the prevalence of one genus of bacteria correlates with the onset of rheumatoid arthritis.

Zhong W et al. (2013): Immune anticipation of mating in Drosophila: Turandot M promotes immunity against sexually transmitted fungal infections (Open Access) T4
Dazu auch Frisky Fruit Flies: Researchers show that Drosophila females upregulate an immune gene for protection against sexually transmitted infections before copulation.

Simmonds MJ et al. (2013): Skewed X chromosome inactivation and female preponderance in autoimmune thyroid disease: an association study and meta-analysis (Abstract) T4

Alexandraki KI et al. (2013): Are patients with autoimmune thyroid disease and autoimmune gastritis at risk of gastric neuroendocrine neoplasms type 1? (Abstract) T3

Leskela S et al. (2013) Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells in Patients With Autoimmune Thyroid Disease (Abstract) T3

Ioannou M et al. (2013): In Vivo Ablation of Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells Inhibits Autoimmunity through Expansion of Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells (Open Access) T3

Simmonds MJ et al. (2013): GWAS in autoimmune thyroid disease: redefining our understanding of pathogenesis (Abstract) T3

Rege S, Hodgkinson SJ (2013): Immune dysregulation and autoimmunity in bipolar disorder: Synthesis of the evidence and its clinical application (Abstract) T3?